I should have a Master’s in it I am such an expert 🤦‍♀️

Guilt if I sleep in.

Guilt if I sleep out.

Guilt if I say yes.

Guilt if I say no.

Guilt if I say I’ll think about it.

And guess what?

It’s that bloody ego again.

And another of his weapons of mass destruction.

Guilt is one of his favourite weapons of all.

He chucks guilt at us like grenades.

Guilt grenades.

Heaven forbid we do something nice for ourselves and feel good about it.

Heaven forbid we just accept ourselves exactly the way we are.

Heaven forbid we live a life that makes us happy and not feel like we are doing something wrong.


Don’t forget that.

His quest is to hurt you as much as possible, to keep you in a place of fear so he has complete control.

That’s how he wins.

So he keeps throwing those guilt grenades.

And he keeps winning.

The trick is to stay aware.

When the guilt kicks in to know it isn’t real.

That it’s just an ego weapon of mass soul destruction.

We have to stop falling for it!

You and I.

Guilt is stupid and futile and a waste of time.

So screw the ego.

Next time you feel guilt for a ridiculously silly reason.

Picture the ego throwing that guilt grenade.

Visualise picking it up and chucking it back at him.

And it exploding into light and love and killing your ego with kindness!


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