Hair envy.

I did a search on Google for cancer survivor and hair envy.

But nothing came up.

How is that possible?

Hair envy for cancer survivors is not a thing?

It is most definitely a thing!

Even now, five years after my cancer treatment ended and I still suffer from hair envy!

It took a lifetime to grow my awesome long wavy hair.

And I loved it.

It really did mean the world to me.

And then cancer came along.

And it was bye bye beautiful hair.

I remember the day I finally accepted the situation and shaved it all off.

I remember it as clear as if it was yesterday.

I held my mother’s hands and I sobbed and sobbed.

I sobbed so much I couldn’t breathe.

For me, losing my hair was harder than the chemotherapy and mastectomy.

At least I was given drugs to deal with those!

Now, when I’m out and about.

And I see a girl with long beautiful curly wavy hair.

Just like mine was.

My heart aches.

I start to pine.

I yearn to have my beautiful hair back.

I yearn to have hair just like hers.

So yes cancer survivor hair envy is most definitely a thing.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am very very grateful that my hair has finally got as long as it is today.

Way back when I finished treatment it felt like my hair would never grow back.

And I am very blessed because it has.

But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of hair envy now and then is there?!

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