Tattooed hearts as nipples.

Updated: Jul 11

Breast cancer tried to steal my joy but I said no.

I had my one of my tits cut off… as you do when you get breast cancer.

But I was lucky to have a great doctor who reconstructed a pretty damn good replacement for me.

Granted I now have one soft warm boob, and one boob that's hard as a rock, a little oddly shaped and ice cold like it’s permanently been left in the fridge.

But I have two tits and I am grateful.

After reconstruction my left boob was nipple-less, as my previous nipple had been thrown in the bin with my left boob that was full of cancer.

So my doctor tried to cut my right nipple in half and share it with my left breast so I’d have a matching pair.

But my body was having none of it, and it rejected the skin graft.

My doctor then kindly offered to make me a new nipple using part of my ear lobe or the tip of one of my toes.

Excuse me?!?

I’m not having part of my ear attached to my tit!

And I’m not having my toe attached to my tit either!

So there I was, with a new cold hard tit and no nipple.

My doctor said he could at least tattoo a fake areola for me (that’s the brown circle base of the nipple) so that my boobies kinda looked the same.

But for me that would have been a try-hard boob, trying hard to look normal but failing dismally.

For me that would be pretending I didn't go through the hell of breast cancer.

Why should I try and look 'back to normal' when I would never be normal again!

So what to do?

Heart shaped nipples!

Now, every time I look in the mirror I don't see my deformity and my scars, I see crazy cool heart-shaped nipples and I smile to myself and rejoice that I’m still alive and kicking.

Although I’ve got to be honest, as a single gal, it's pretty nerve-racking to think about meeting that special someone and getting naked in front of him for the very first time.

The poor guy is going to get the shock of his life when he sees my boobs!!!

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