Hello I’ve got wonky boobs nice to meet you.

Dating is hard enough as it is. In this day and age of too much choice and swiping, swiping, swiping the challenge is already high.

But throw a pair of wonky tits in the mix and the challenge is higher than the Empire State Building!

How and when is it okay to tell a prospective suitor that you had breast cancer?

Do I tell them on date one or date six that I had my tit cut off and resembled Vin Diesel just a few years ago?

You middle-aged single girls out there think you’ve got it tough??? Try being middle-aged, single and a breast cancer survivor!

Even if I did survive breast cancer, I can’t help but think men now look at me like I’m a ticking time bomb, and have an expiration date. Like I’ve been shoved on that shelf in the supermarket where everything is discounted beyond belief because they just want somebody to take it before it goes off!

But no way…that ain’t me!!!

And I’m not settling for just anyone.

This girl is not expiring anytime soon, this girl loves her wonky boobs as they represent her courage, and this girl is aiming HIGH!

As for when I tell a guy that I’m a breast cancer survivor with heart-shaped nipples? Well I’ve got to actually go out on a date for that to be an issue! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣