Here’s something you may not know.

When you feel lost in darkness and cannot find your way out.

The light is within yourself.

That’s why you can’t find it.

Because you’re looking outside of you.

Instead of inside of you.

You’re busy looking here, that’s ere and everywhere for something that will make you feel better.

But it’s already with you, you just have to look inside and find it.

It’s like losing your glasses and finding them at the end of your nose.

It’s so obvious that you forget.

You need to keep reminding yourself where the light is.

So whenever you get lost in the dark you know exactly where to go.

The answers aren’t outside of you.

God, Source, Universe, Higher Power and the Jedi Force are not outside of you.

They are part of you.

You are connected to it.

Your freedom and peace are not something to be found in money, or romance or any other outside influence.

That’s the miracle.

Happiness and peace.

Love and light.

Is available to every single person on this planet.

Because it is already part of our essence and soul.

We’ve just disconnected from it for so long we’ve forgotten it’s there.

But it never goes away.

It just waits patiently for you to return.

That’s why people meditate.

To reconnect to that part of themselves.

To the light.

To be reminded that love and light abides within.

So next time you feel depression, anger, anxiety, forboding, resentment or any other dark feeling.

Don’t reach for a drink or a temporary high.

Be still, go within and find the light.

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