How many times a day do you say thank you?

If you're not saying it at least 50 times a day then you are not saying it enough.

And whom are you saying thank you to? Are you forgetting anyone?

Here’s a truth you probably won’t want to hear, talk about T.M.I. - Too. Much. Information. - But I’m gonna tell you anyway!

As I had an eating disorder for over 15 years of my life my metabolism was completely broken, and as a consequence I would go weeks without going to the loo (toilet). But now that I have loved and nurtured myself back to health, with the help of Mr G of course, I go at least once a day! YIPPEE!

And so, every time I do a number 2, I thank the universe!

Yup, I thank the universe every time I do a poop… how’s that for gratitude?!?

I also thank my bed every morning for being so cosy and comfy, I thank sparkling water for being so bubbly and delicious. I thank everyone who does anything kind or thoughtful for me… even my dog when he drops his ball right at my feet.

I thank a flower for allowing me to witness it’s outstanding beauty, I thank my body for being strong and getting me through a work out session, and I send thanks to a musician when I’m in the car singing along to a song they wrote on the radio.

Can you see how easy it is to be thankful?

Don’t take anything for granted, be grateful, give thanks and watch the miracles start appearing from nowhere.

And that is all I have to say about that!

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