How to stop the inner critic in your head.

Isn't it about time you stopped listening to all the negative crap?

So how do you stop the inner critic?

The voice in your head that tells you that you're not enough, or you're too much, or life is always going to be hard, or you'll never get what you want, or your fat, or you're too thin... or... or... or...

The way to stop paying attention to all that negative crap in your head is by realising it isn’t you.

The voice is coming from within so you assume it’s yours.

But the negative talk is not your voice.

It is the voice of the ego.

But the ego is sly and very cunning.

It disguises its voice as yours so you’ll believe anything and everything it tells you.

So what you have to do is learn to differentiate.

Learn how to know what words are yours and what words are the ego’s.

And how do you do that?

It's easy.

Anything coming from a place of love is you.

Your true voice that comes from your spirit; from your soul.

And anything coming from a place of fear is the ego.

Yes, it really can be that simple.

When you hear the negative talk you just need to wise up to what’s really going on.

Don’t focus on the words but on who’s saying them.

Smile to yourself and tell the ego “I’m on to you and I’m not falling for it.”

'I look fat' - Ego

'I am enough just as I am' - Soul/Spirit

'I must deserve all the crap that happens to me' - Ego

'I deserve only good' - Soul/Spirit

'I always mess up' - Ego

'I’m doing the best I can' - Soul/Spirit

See the difference?

Isn’t it time you stopped falling for it?

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