I am not ambitious.

I have never been very ambitious.

I love the simple life, I see success, abundance and miracles occur each and every day. I don't have to get somewhere to feel happy and complete, I am happy and complete right here and right now.

I have been judged for my life choices, judged because I do not yearn for fame and fortune. Society tells us that ambition and success defines our worth, and so those who don't agree with this belief system get labelled as under achievers.

But I am no under achiever.

It's just the things I want to achieve are very different than what society deems a priority.

The irony is it's so much easier to obtain joy and contentment when we aren't continually chasing after something, or wanting more or trying to get further all the time.

I'm not saying that being ambitious is wrong. What I am saying is that being unambitious isn't wrong either.

All that matters is that the path we choose for ourselves gives our lives fulfilment and meaning.

For me personally, I just want to have enough; enough to pay my bills and lead a simple existence where I can focus on being the best person I can be, and help others be the best version of themselves too.

Yes I want to get my book published, not because I want to be on Oprah or on the New York bestsellers list...but because I want to help people transform their lives from a place of fear to a place of love.

My life is full of purpose and meaning, my life overflows with satisfaction, achievement and contentment.

So if that's what people want to call a mediocre life, I'm okay with that.

'If you're happy living what some might call a mediocre life, then you're not living a mediocre life at all.'