I did something big & scary today.

My ego was screaming loud trying to talk me out of it, trying to convince me I'm not good enough...but my ego's voice is so boring...yawn 😴

Yesterday I registered to start a diploma in counselling and life coaching.




But you know what? There isn't enough support out there for women who struggle after surviving breast cancer.

I've been there, I fell into a deep despair when the treatment was over and I was expected to skip merrily into normal life. I looked online for help, for some support and guidance, but there was very little out there. I felt isolated and lost... so I started finding my own way. I searched for tools, teachings, anything that could help me climb out of the dark hole I'd fallen into.

And I did it! And now...now I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life...and that my friends is no word of a lie. I even wake up happy...imagine that?!?

So I have the secrets, the methods, the tools and the wisdom to help other beautiful survivors who are struggling just like I did, but now I want to learn how to share it responsibly. To be a safe, trustworthy guide, so I may lead other, still struggling, survivors on the path to finding their new normal full of joy and light.

I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.

I keep thinking to myself, how does one become a life coach when they still have defects and flaws? But then I realise that's my ego trying to talk me out of it.

Yes, of course I have flaws and defects...show me one person in the world that doesn't! But I believe that is what will bring the beautiful and honest connection between me and the women I help. The fact that I am vulnerable too, that I make mistakes and fall down along the way... that you can fail and fall but still be happy.

Every time I fall, I learn, and I get back up. And the wisdom I learnt from that mistake is a wisdom I can share with others, so they don't have to make the same mistake to learn the lesson!

I am so incredibly proud of myself for facing my fears and enrolling on this course...it truly is a testament to have far I have come on my journey. I made this commitment because I love and believe in myself truly and 100%. My whole life I was riddled with self doubt, but not anymore.

Yes maybe I am a late bloomer, and yes cancer was probably what kicked my ass into gear. But whatever way I got here, and in whatever time, is irrelevant because I got here and I'm happy...and that, my beautiful friends, is all that matters.

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