I don't write these blogs every day...

They write themselves!

It’s God’s honest truth 🤗

I’m just the vessel, a willing volunteer to speak and write the universe’s sweet love & light.

I meditate in the morning, then I take my pad and pen and let my Higher Power do the rest.

Without fail out comes three pages of A4 free flow, and some days I am completely bewildered when I read back what I just came out with.

‘Where did that come from.’ I think to myself, and then I smile because I know the answer to that question already.

Willingness, faith and connection, just three words.

Just three words out of over 170,000 in the English language, but it’s those three words that have the power to transform everything you are and everything you know, and set you truly free for always and forever.

The peace I have in my life is not fleeting; the peace in my life does not fade when I am having a bad day. It’s always there, a rock solid foundation and I know my life will never fall apart again.

Yes I have bad days, yes I fall prey to the ego, yes I shout and yes I cry. But my willingness, faith and connection hold me close and keep me safe.

And the more willing I am, the more the universe flows to me; doors start to open that I never knew existed, people cross my path whose souls are so damn beautiful I am blinded by their light.

I am constantly rewarded for my trust and faith; I am blessed with constant miracles because I am no longer separate and disconnected.

Coming out of the spiritual closet wasn’t easy; it was TERRIFYING and it took time and courage. The possible judgement, ridicule, and loss of friends all kept me closed off, and hiding who I had become.

But when your life becomes this much of a miracle, you couldn’t hide it if you tried.

So yup, my name is Saskia and I’m a happy nut job that survived cancer and became a soul of love & light, and my life purpose is to spread that love & light to everyone and everywhere!

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