I have a metaphor for you today.

A metaphor for the consequences of cancer.

I want you to imagine a beautiful calm lake as your life before cancer.

That’s not to say your life was perfect or without troubled waters.

But it didn’t have cancer.

Then this giant sized rock was thrown with full atomic force in to the centre of your calm lake life.

And it triggered a tsunami.

Giant ripples circulated out and infiltrated every single aspect of you and your life.

The impact of that boulder hitting the water with such an overpowering force.

Saturates and drowns everything.

The lake is turbulent, cloudy, stormy.

The waves make everything rock from side to side and threaten to sink.



The boulder’s impact subsides and it sinks to the bottom and disappears.

And the lake, your life, is calm again.

Eventually the lake is completely still and peaceful.

The boulder becomes a memory.

The turbulence has passed.

So for those still suffering the force of the impact.

Still sea sick and feeling far from shore.

The ripple effect, and all its devastation, will subside eventually.

And if you need help to find those calm water.

Reach out to me.

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