I never dared to envision my perfect life.

Because I didn’t believe I deserved it.

Because I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed.

What a croc of sh*t!

What on earth was I thinking???

How else are my dreams going to come true.

If I don’t dare to believe in them?

So now I dream big and I am high.

Now, every morning, as part of my daily spiritual practise, I close my eyes for just 3 minutes and visualise the life I want.

And I do not hold back.

This is my destiny, my future, and I will make it as far fetched and beautiful as I believe it can be.

To manifest our dreams we have to create them, see them, so the universe can see them too.

The universe can’t provide if we don’t make it clear what we want.

So make it clear!

Imagine your perfect life as big and bold as you can so the whole universe gets the picture.

Ever since I started doing this small shifts have began happening.

The dream hasn’t come to full fruition yet.

But all the right doors are beginning to open to get me there.

Sure, I wish it would go faster, happen quicker.

But I don’t have control of this.

The universe does.

And I just have to trust.

And keep believing.

So set a timer every day for just three minutes and dream your perfect life.

Dream big.

Make it happen.

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