I’ve spent most of my life being a star-shaped peg.

Updated: Sep 6

trying to bang myself into a square shaped hole.

I thought being a misfit was a bad thing.

That being different meant I was wrong.

That not fitting in meant I was broken.

But what a croc of shit.

I went through cancer treatment.

I had my left tit cut off.

I’m never going to fit in like I used to.

And amen for that.

It took cancer to teach me that fitting in is overrated.

It took cancer for me to realise I wasted my whole life trying to fit in.

When this whole time I was always destined to stand out.

I want you to know that just because you feel different after treatment doesn’t mean you’re broken or damaged.

It fact it means you survived cancer treatment which makes you kick ass cool AF.

I want you to know that if you’re feeling different after going through cancer.



Stop trying to fit somewhere that you don’t belong.

Stop trying to fit in and be somebody you’re not.

You’re you and you’re bloody amazing and extraordinary.

Whether you’ve got one tit, no tits, a colostomy bag or bald.

Cancer didn’t change you for the worst.

It just made you cooler.

I’m a cancer misfit and I’m proud.

What about you?


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