I walk in love today!

Start a morning spiritual routine and guarantee yourself a love-filled day, every day.

My walking in love sneakers!

I woke up this morning much the same as I do every morning. Got out of bed, let the dogs out into the garden, made coffee and got back into bed for my morning spiritual routine.

Up until a couple of years ago I had no spiritual practises, let alone a spiritual routine!

I read all the literature, did the courses, but I didn't practise what I learnt.

If I'd known then what I know now I would have started much sooner...I would have started meditating at birth if I could!

As I do my spiritual morning readings I instantly feel that familiar morning hug of love wash over me. I connect to Mr G (God...but if that word makes you feel uncomfortable try Higher Power, Universe or Mother Earth perhaps) and I literally feel an invisible force of love & light surround me to keep me protected, and at peace, as my day unfolds.

How did I ever go out into the big wide world without Mr G's invisible cape of Jedi love & light force?!?

No wonder I was so sensitive, that I made everything anyone said or did all about me. I was disconnected, isolated and solely focused on myself...so no wonder everything hurt so much! I didn't reach out to Mr G, my angels and my guides as soon as I woke up every morning; asking them to please be with me before I set off on my day's adventure.

Love & Peace sneakers!

Along my life of mistakes, slip ups, hurdles and mess I had my own customising business; where myself and the wonderful township ladies from Cape Town (where I used to live) took ordinary items and used our love and creativity to transform them into something extraordinary (primarily Converse sneakers).

That business failed, as did all my other ventures. At the time the pain of that failure was all too much to bear, so I just gave up and buried my head in the sand.

But I am at complete peace with those failures now. I completely understand why it happened, and from that wonderful wisdom learnt I know I will never experience failure of that magnitude again.

I had too much expectation, I was fixated on the outcome, and obsessed with the end result. All I could think about was that huge meeting at Converse headquarters in America, when we signed an amazing collaboration deal. You see? It was all about the end game for me, and nothing to do with enjoying the play of the present.

Please take heed to what I am saying...THE FUTURE DOES NOT EXIST YET SO QUIT THINKING ABOUT IT!

My morning spiritual practise keeps me grounded and present in the now, it prevents me from running ahead of myself. I trust in Mr G, I know he's got my back and will take care of everything as he sees fit. All I have to do is devote my energy and love to what I am doing and know he will take care of the rest.

As they say in the 12 step program...

"Let go and let God."

And that's what I make sure I do every morning when I wake up.

You really should try it, I'm living proof it works. Now I have wonderful miracles crossing my path every day in ways I could not have possibly imagined.

Peace and Love to you all!