I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old...

...and that felt young!

I felt way too young to be dealing with breast cancer.

But fast forward to today and more and more beautiful girls in their twenties are having to contend with this terrible bloody disease.

WTF is going on???

It just isn’t fair; these chicks are too young to have their bodies put through chemotherapy or have a part of their body removed.

It hurts my heart to see these incredible girls (not quite yet women) have to endure so much pain, when all they should be worrying about is partying and the next boy to fall in love with.

Seriously cancer, WTF is your problem? Why can’t you just bugger off now and leave us all alone? Haven’t you killed enough people? Haven’t millions of us suffered enough already?

These girls haven’t lived yet. They haven’t fallen in love enough times, or had their heart broken, or felt a child inside them or celebrated their 30thBirthday.

Leave them alone, leave them to enjoy their twenties and not spend them in hospital with chemo dripping into their veins.

This has got to stop; something has to be done before cancer wipes us out altogether.

I almost feel like it’s got tot the point where we need compulsory cancer education in our school systems. Lessons on how to prevent cancer, what to eat, what not to eat, the importance of exercise and limiting close contact with electrical devises like phones and tablets.

It’s literally got the point where we need to protect and prepare ourselves as early as possible. It’s so frightening and yet it’s true.

Don’t you think?

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