If I can survive then so can you.

For those of you out there who are struggling today, this post is especially for you.

Whether you are currently in a battle with cancer, or had argument with a loved one, or looked in the mirror this morning and didn’t like the reflection looking back at you… I am sending out powerful beams of love and positive energy direct from my heart straight into yours.

Though things may feel dark and bleak in this very moment, remember the darkness always fades to light eventually. It’s just a matter of holding on and keeping the faith. The sun will find it’s way through the clouds to warm your face and brighten your life.

My life was so dark I couldn’t see. My life was so full of negativity I couldn’t breathe. More than once I fell into such a deep dark hole that I truly believed it would be impossible to ever find my way out.

And so I attempted to take my own life, more than once, because I just couldn’t see any other way of ending the pain.

Today I am so lucky and grateful that I didn’t succeed in ending my life. I thank god I was given a second chance, more than once.

I AM HAPPY… not just now in this very moment… my happiness is not fleeting or temporary.


My life is so full of joy, and gratitude, and wonder, and miracles, and love.

Me! The girl who spent most of her life lost, drifting, battling, falling and failing…I found my way to a life of pure light and love. And that’s where I live now, every day.

Sure I get the blues, but they don’t have the power to swallow me whole; they are minimal and manageable feelings.

And if I can get to this place then so can you.


So however bad you are feeling don’t give up hope, read my words and believe them. Look at my photos and see the authentic light in my eyes… there’s no faking that.

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