Imposter Syndrome.

Do you ever feel like a fake?

I do.

I feel like a kid who’s opened her box of fancy dress and is playing make believe.

Like I’ve put on a white coat and stethoscope and am pretending to be a doctor.

But I’m so not a doctor.

Sometimes I feel that way about my life.

About the path I have chosen to walk.

I want to be of service to others.

To guide, support, coach and mentor.

And deep in my soul I know how qualified I am to do that.

I know this is what I was put on the earth to do.

But my ego screams I’m a fake.

The ego screams


And I doubt myself.

I start looking around and convincing myself everyone else is gifted.

Except me.

Not me.

I’m the imposter.

The one who’s opened the box of make believe.

And is pretending to be someone she’s not.

That is the wall I need to climb.

Or rather charge through and knock down.

To stand in my rightful place.

To make a difference in the world.

I need to stop believing the ego.

And accept the glory of my truth.

No matter how big, daunting and scary that truth may be.

My name is Saskia.

And I am here to guide, support, coach and mentor.

I am here to transform lives.

This is not make believe.

This is me.

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