Inspiration VS Intimidation

My ego loves envy and jealousy

I, however, do not.

When a friend, colleague or peer is succeeding and flying high…

I want to jump up and down for joy.

My ego wants to stomp his feet and say…

“Why not me?”

It’s hard work drawing out his loud obnoxious voice sometimes.

But I use every spiritual tool I have until I turn his volume down again.

The ego wants me to envy because that’s how he keeps me small and separate.

It’s all part of his cunning plan to keep me stuck.

Imagine you had wings.

Great beautiful powerful wings that enable you to soar, to fly high and achieve anything and everything.

Being jealous of another person success keeps your wings closed tight.

But basking in that persons glory will make your wings unfurl so you can fly right beside them

Supporting and uplifting those who are achieving more tell the universe you also want to fly.

Feeling negative about someone because the ego tells you they are doing better…

that tells the universe you’d rather not join them and stay stuck on the ground watching them dance overhead.

Send the universe the right signals.

Tell your ego to bugger off.

Come from a place of love, and rejoice another accomplishments.

Remember it’s not all about you.

Then feel your wings expand and take flight.


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