Instagram has made me a brilliant content and copywriter.

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Over 8000 followers on Instagram might not seem like a lot to you, but it's a hell of a lot for little old me, and I'm proud as punch that I've generated that many followers by just being myself.

My personal social media musings are on all things mind, body, spirit and cancer survival; because I love all things to do with modern spirituality and I went through a shit time when I battled stage 3 breast cancer in 2012 (and yes I did kick cancer's ass, thank you very much :) But please, don't let this deter you! These topics might not have diddly squat to do with you, your brand or business, BUT my own (small but significant) social media success has made me an expert in what works and what doesn't.

I’ve learnt what makes people tick and what makes their battery go dead. I’ve learnt how to inspire and to piss people off by writing it, posting it and either suffering the consequences when it's crap or bathing in the glory when I hit my audience's sweet spot.

I don't know about you, but when I hire someone for a job I just want to know they're good at what they do. A copywriter might have a long and enviable list of university degrees and qualifications, BUT, are they actually a good writer? And if someone's claiming to be an expert at creative concept, then shouldn't their social media posts be screaming that at at the top of their brilliant impactful and inspirational lungs?

I know Google makes content and copywriting look so easy that any Tom, Dick, Harry or Sally can do it... but before you go and hire someone for the work I should be doing, take a look at their Instagram and see if their posts are testament to their originality, creative flair, and wordsmith brilliance!

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