It’s not the stuff outside of you that causes you pain.

It’s not the people.

It’s not the places.

It’s not the things.

The pain you’re feeling comes from the enemy within.

But it’s so much easier to blame it on the enemy without.

‘If he hadn’t said that.”

“If she hadn’t done this.”

“If I wasn’t working here.”

“If I could just be living there.”

“If this bloody thing worked.”

It’s so much easier to project.

It’s so much easier to emotionally vomit all over somebody or something else.

That way we never have to do the inner work, commit to spiritual growth or have the self awareness.

But you will never find the happiness and peace that you long for if you keep believing it’s outside forces that are causing you pain.

Outside forces can do no harm if you are charged up with self love and self belief.

Not the easiest thing in the world to do.

But it is possible.

It is achievable.

And it’s what I strive for every day.

And on the days when I feel like the world is against me.

Those are the days I know I have a hell of a lot of inner work to do.

And I’m okay with that.

Because I’m willing to hard graft, to do whatever it takes, to get the happiness and peace that I know is so rightfully mine.


What about you?

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