It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s okay to feel sad.

It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed.

Or anxious.

Or angry.

Or despondent.

For some reason we’ve been told that negative feelings should be avoided at all costs.

Show the world when you’re happy.

But hide from the world when you’re sad.

Painful emotions should be shoved down.

Forced into places within us that we can’t reach.

Because if we can’t reach them, can’t see them, then we don’t have to deal with them or feel them.


They are still there.

And they are creating dark shadow within you.

Our natural inheritance is light.

When each of us was born we were full of light.

There were no dark secret places.

But the more pain we buried over the years, the more darkness and shadow there was in our souls and our light began to dim.

Love yourself enough to feel what you need to feel.

Crying is not unhealthy.

It shine’s a torch of healing on all the dark shadows inside you and makes them disappear.

I’m not telling you to vomit your emotions all over somebody else.

But if you feel angry play some angry music really loud, and dance, and thump, and sway and scream until you’re exhausted.

I’m telling you to stop hiding it away, stop pushing it down, stop ignoring it.

If you don’t like a feeling, if it causes you pain.

Then feel it and be done with it.

Give yourself permission and forget everything anyone ever told you about being strong with a fake smile on your face.

Screw that!

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