It's okay to feel down.

I've felt down recently.

But you don’t need to feel sorry for me.

I’m okay.

I understand the flow of life.

I know the darkness is all part of the journey.

My life is mostly calm seas with blue skies, fluffy clouds and happy sunshine.

But sometimes there’s a dark storm, with an uncontrollable current, giant waves and torrential rain.

And that’s okay.

It’s those times where I learn courage, perseverance, trust and acceptance.

Our dark days are not in vain.

Your dark days are not in vain.

My dark days are not in vain.

I know you may struggles to see.

But there is great purpose, great growth, great transformation.

And as the seasons change so do we.

As the winter brings darker nights.

So we transition too.

Just remember one thing no matter what.

This to shall pass.

Inevitably it always does.

And if right now you feel alone or a little lost.

Please know you are not alone.

My heart understand.

And I am right there with you.

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