❤️ Johnae Griffin-Bell ❤️

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom"

1) Did you have, or do you have, cancer?

-As of 4/28/2018 I’m in remission 

2) If yes can you tell me a little bit about the cancer you had or have?

-Stage 2 breast cancer

3) How did you feel, and what was your reaction, when you were first told you had cancer?

-pissed off, I just finished helping my then husband recover from stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma so I wasn’t too happy to have to experience the ups and downs again..this time it was personal 

4) Do you feel different now to the person you were before being diagnosed, and in what way? 

-I feel that clearly I’m no longer in control and it’s allowed me to draw boundaries, I don’t let anyone in because it’s not their battle and not fair to others. It’s day to day for me.

5) How do you handle the possibility of death?

-I feel that if it’s my time then I’ve done all that I could to survive and hopefully my story will help heal someone. I don’t want to leave my mother, sister, daughters but I know that I loved them in a way that will leave a mark once I’m gone. I’m more accepting of death now but I’m a fighter so I won’t give in easily.

6) What has your illness taught you about life?

-you have to live it to YOUR best abilities, you can’t live for anyone else or try to please anyone…one day at a time….

7) If you could offer one piece of wisdom to the you before cancer what would it be?

-no worrying and no stressing about anything, it’s not worth it and it won’t matter in 5 years

8) How are you living your life differently since being diagnosed with cancer?

-Active, walking more, walking my dog and loving her more, eating healthier, this is a lifestyle change

9) What three things would you tell a person who just yesterday found out they have cancer?

1. Find a support group or help to talk to others, that’s important in understanding the process

2. Take it slow please and one day at a time, when you plan is when you’ll put expectations on this and you can’t do that

3. Listen to your Mind, Body and spirit, if you're tired rest, if you are bored find your “thing” praying, meditating, reading, alone time works. Stay in tuned to the spirit, whether it’s God’s word, Meditation or Crystals find your spirit and stay connected.

10) List five things you are most grateful for.

1. My mother

2. My children

3. Life

4. My Siblings

5. The ability to be able to share my story, I usually connect with some pretty awesome people.

11) What do you do that makes you the happiest?

-Being my true self, living my best life and it that means vegging out on the couch with my Bella watching movies then that is what makes me happy

12) How would you define happiness?

When your soul is at peace

13) What does spirituality mean to you?

Being connected by faith to a higher power/source

14) Do you believe in a Higher Power? If so what is a Higher Power for you?

-Yes, I believe in God as our savior but I’m always open to connecting to others that believe in Budah, Allah and non faith members, we are all here connecting to the Universe’s power.

15) What inspires you?

-My children and my mother, mom is in her seventies eats well and lives her best life she is connected to souls that bring out the best in her…my children because I want to show them that all things are possible in you believe in yourself, oddly I’m been questioning my fears lately but I will over come what I’m feeling in due time.

16) Do you love yourself? 

- I love myself first…I can’t give love away if I can’t love who I am 

17) If your answer was no, why not?

18) If your answer was yes, name one thing you do to show self love?

Pay attention to my body, mind and spirit…what goes in and what is coming out

19) List three nice things you do for yourself.

-Treat myself (a meal, a massage, a book)

-Listen to myself…very closely if it does not feel right then my mind, body and spirit says no and I listen

-Say encouraging things to myself to ensure that I know how much I’m loved and appreciated, I don’ beat myself up

20) Who inspires you most in the world?

-My mother, we all have a story while she does not share hers but being a past victim of domestic violence at the hands of my father, her life and her worship is so determined. I love her so much, she is my rock! She taught me about forgiveness, love, faith and how to be a strong woman

21) What was the last book you read that had a major influence on you?

-The secret

22) What is your favourite quote?

-The serenity prayer…God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change them and wisdom to know the difference.

23) What social media do you most use and why?

- Twitter…I can be expressive and not worry about the judgement or trolls.

24) What websites do you visit for information?

-the American cancer association

-living beyond breast cancer

-managing lymphedema website/ youtube….I don’t have it but some concerns with understanding the lymph nodes and the system and how fluid works

25) What magazines do you read?


26) What TV do you like watching?

- ID channel, and Netflix due to no commercials

27) Do you listen to podcasts, if so which ones?


28) Do you regularly read blogs, if so which ones?

-None at the moment (time does not permit) but when I did it was Oprah’s super soul Sundays to inspire me to live my best life that I can, gives me hope

29) Which people do you predominantly follow online?

-people I think I can relate to

30) Do you believe we can be kindred spirits even if we have never met and live far away from each other?

- I firmly believe that people are in your life for a reason and paths often cross to share life experiences and joys and the ups along with the downs.