Learning inner beauty the hard way.

when you get breast cancer you haven't got a choice.

Most of us live our whole lives never truly understanding the concept of inner beauty.

I mean sure, we get it, what’s inside is what really matters and all that…but we’re still far more concerned with botox, heals, mascara and being ripped off at the hairdresser.

But there are some of us who are forced to face the concept of inner beauty head on, whether we like it or not.

When you get breast cancer you really haven’t got a choice.

You are stripped down bare until all you have to rely on is the beauty within.

Cancer takes everything else.

Cancer took my exterior beauty.

Cancer took away my need for mascara, a hairdresser, worrying about my wrinkles or buying the latest pair of heals.

It took all that from me and left me to stare at my own reflection.

Not the reflection we see with our eyes, but the one we see with our soul.

Cancer taught me about inner beauty.

Cancer forced me to learn that lesson and it was without doubt the best lesson I have ever learnt.

I got cancer and I became less superficial.

I got cancer and for the first time I saw who I was without all the materialistic crap.

Bald, no eyebrows or eyelashes, bloated from steroids and missing my left breast.

I had to see past all that and love myself anyway.

And 5 years later that lesson has never left me.

I will never be so preoccupied with the exterior again.

I take pride in my appearance but it doesn’t rule my life.

Instead I am preoccupied with the wondrous beauty I discovered was inside me this whole time.

Who knew that was possible?!?

I sure didn’t.

The moral of this story - There is good to be found no matter how bad it gets.