Leave your fear at home.

It seems, nowadays, we take our fear everywhere we go.

As we go through our bag, before we leave the house, we make sure we have everything we need...

- Phone ☑️

- Wallet ☑️

- Keys ☑️

- Make up bag ☑️

- Hair brush ☑️

- Fear ☑️

Fear?!? It's as if we can't leave home without it.

Whether it's fear of a mistake we made yesterday, fear of what might happen at a meeting in an hour's time, or the fear that cancer could be hiding around the corner... we just need to make sure we have some kind of fear to take with us when we head out for the day.

But what if you made the conscious decision every morning to leave your fear at home?

Okay, I'm about to sound totally mad but please bear with me. Visualisations can shift the most stubborn and stuck blocks in your life. That is no word of a lie. What you visualise in your imagination the universe sees and reacts to. Visualisation has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing specific outcomes...so why not just try it?

The next time you are about to leave your house I want you to open your bag and take your fear out. Yes you heard me right, I want you to open your bag and take your fear out. Hang it by the door where you usually hang your keys, or on the table where you leave your sunglasses and loose change. It doesn't matter where you put it, as long as you don't take it with you when you walk out the front door.

Yes, this is a big practise of imagination...and yes you can do it!

Even if you haven't used your imagination for 57 years, you still have one in there!

When I look in my bag searching for my fear it's always hiding under something because it doesn't want to be found. Usually my fear is sneakily concealing itself under my sunglasses case, or note pad, because it wants to keep me company throughout my day. So make sure you have a good rummage in your bag because you're fear will be hiding in there somewhere!

In my imagination my fear looks like a big blob of silly putty, or a weird shape-changing lump out of Ghostbusters or Men In Black. The colour changes depending on the type of fear it is on that particular day. If it's fear from comparing myself to others, so not feeling good enough or feeling less than, then the fear is a snot coloured green. If it's a fear of confrontation then it's an ice cold blue. When I try and get the fear out of my bag I have to pull it really hard because it tries to stick to everything in an effort not to leave me alone. But I always manage to get it with a good hard tug and then, personally, I just squash mine against the wall by my front door...it stays stuck there because it's so annoyingly sticky!

What does your fear look like? Does it change colour or shape like mine? Perhaps yours looks like a lump of smelly cheese? A scratchy ball of thorns and spikes? An ugly looking troll? Or maybe a little glass bottle full of black liquid? Your fear is whatever you imagine it to look like.

Whatever you picture your fear to be, open your bag and get that thing out, dump it somewhere and then leave the house and get on with your day!

Sounds silly and stupid...but do that every day when you go out for the next week and feel the difference it makes.

It works if you work it, so work it cos you're worth it!

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