Me and my heart-shaped nipples.

Updated: May 11, 2018

I had to have my left breast cut off because of cancer.

I wish I could describe how it feels to voluntarily agree to have a part of your body cut off because you don't want to die. Or worse yet as a woman to voluntary have your breast removed. It's barbaric, and soul destroying, and horrific, and traumatic and well beyond fucked up.

The breast surgeon saved my life when she cut of my left breast that was brimming full of cancer... but she also took my femininity from me, my confidence, my sensuality, my sexy.

Having tattooed hearts as nipples was my way of getting all those things back.

It was my way of reclaiming my beauty, my sensuality, my confidence and my sexy.

Yes, I do look a bit like a stripper, or a burlesque dancer, and I'm okay with that.

I have happy tits, I have one of a kind tits, I have tits that symbolise my individuality and my courage.

I have tits that say cancer tried to ruin my body but I said no, and took my body back.

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