Money and me have always had a confusing relationship.

In truth I never felt worthy of making money because I was born into a financially secure family, and somehow that made me feel undeserved and unworthy. And because of those deep ingrained thoughts, that were double stitched into the very fibre of my being, I’ve always struggled to make money.

I just assumed it was bad luck, that other people…in fact everyone else… was capable of being abundant and prospering except me.

It didn’t matter what I did, what I tried, financial abundance never came my way…and as an outcome a constant financial insecurity surrounded me like a thick fog. A fog so thick I just couldn’t see pass it.

But it’s not bad luck that brings these titanium made hurdles that block our path, it’s our own thinking.

Our own stinking thinking.

It’s our own thoughts that create these humongous blocks that envelop us in fear and keep us stuck.

If I believe I am not worthy of making money then I will not make money!

If my self worth is so low I am too afraid to ask for what I deserve to be earning then I will never earn it!

But how do we change beliefs that seem to be set in such impenetrable concrete??? How can we chip away at them until the concrete thinking crumbles into dust making way for new beliefs?

Well, positive affirmations are a good start, looking in the mirror and saying to yourself…

“My income is constantly increasing.”

“I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.”

“I am a magnet for money.”

Because you see, if you tell yourself this every day without fail then eventually you’ll believe it… and so will the universe!

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