My dogs are my security blanket...

Being around them is when I am the happiest and the safest.

I know I am often judged for this.

And I am okay with that.

Love me, love my dogs.

Simple as that really.

If I had my way the whole world would be dog friendly.

Then Barnaby, Bam and myself would never have to be apart.

Sheer bliss.

We’re a team.

We work better when we’re together.

The world shines brighter.

Having them nearby inspires my writing.

They are fur covered anti depressants.

They bring me a joy that no money can buy.

They bring out the purest part of me.

The inner child of me.

The part that most people neglect about themselves.

But my inner child is out all the time, rolling around on the floor in giggles.

She’s one of that pack.

And I love being one of the pack.

It makes me invincible.

I’m away for two nights and I miss them.

That kind of love man…

That kind of love.

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