Open your head and let the universe in.

Do you struggle to meditate?


Everyone does.

Even the grand spiritual master beings struggle with meditation, so don’t lose heart and don’t give up trying.

Your thoughts will wander and that’s the whole point; meditation is a training to still the mind… and it’s a lifetime of training.

Instead of believing that distracting thoughts are a bad thing, change your perspective and consider it to be a positive.

Every time your mind wanders it is an excuse to reconnect with your Higher Power, every time your mind wanders you must reach out and reconnect with the universe.

So all those annoying thoughts are just helping you reconnect with the universe over and over and over again!

I think that’s pretty cool.

If you are going to get into meditation then you need to open the window of your soul and throw out the perfectionism right now. The two just don’t go together.

I can definitely be a perfectionist, and in the right circumstances it serves me well (within a degree) but perfectionism in spirituality is missing the point of spirituality altogether.

Spirituality, meditation; it’s all about our beautiful imperfections.

It’s about our awareness of our small, fragile cracks and flaws; and then nurturing and slowly mending ourselves gently with self-love.

Not fixing ourselves to be perfect, but a willingness to transform our imperfections into love and light.

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