Powerlessness over other people is one of the hardest lessons to learn.

To know you have no real power over anyone else is the purest truth, and yet we all still try in vain to control each other.

News alert…unless you have magical powers then you cannot change the way a person feels or thinks to suit your own wants and needs.

This lesson slapped me in the face again today. There is a certain individual that sends me loop da loop. A certain individual that makes me feel I could spontaneously combust with my insides being scattered al over the walls because they drive me that insane.

Often when I am seriously struggling with an emotional or mental overload, I write a letter to Mr G. asking him for his guidance. I then meditate for ten minutes, pick up a pen and allow Mr G. to respond to me.

So I handed my predicament to Mr G. and this is what he said…

“My darling Saskia,

This person is a giant step towards your freedom. You must accept that whatever you say, no matter how articulate and precise, no matter how much sense you think you are making or how right you believe you are, will not make him become who and how you want him to be.

What you do with this information, this truth, is completely up to you. But continuing to bang your head on the same brick wall is a bit silly.

Sure you could walk away from this person and find a better fit but just remember you won’t be able to control them either.

Every relationship is a lesson, yes every single one. And those that bring out a strong negative reaction in you are usually reflecting parts of yourself you don’t want to see. And that’s exactly why I brought this one to you. That’s why this person in particular has crossed your path right now.

Look at what it is that drives you crazy about this person and then turn it around and ponder those attributes in you. You think them to be unmotivated, not doing enough, not focused…um who else do you know who’s been doing that recently??? This is my way of telling you to stop it! Wake up, write and focus! I have given you a destiny now get on with it. That’s all I can say about that.

Yours faithfully,

Mr G."

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