Resentment you little bugger!

Have you got any resentments buried somewhere deep within the caverns of your soul? A resentment that perhaps you completely forgot you had? Grab a shovel and start digging, because that hidden resentment you forgot will keep you down.

I wish you could understand that it is simply your own negative thinking that brings you down, and if you practise tools of positivity every single day (without fail) you will rise to love and light.

I'm not saying it's simple, if it was we'd all be floating on happy clouds. But I can tell you that those of us who do practise daily tools of positive thinking do spend 75% of our time floating on fluffy happy clouds (and 75% isn't bad!).

So why not do the work and come join us?

You could start by simply doing a google search on Louise Hay and Robert Holden...they can help you on your way.

And subscribe to my weekly pearls of wisdom, I will get you up here floating with us happy go lucky fools in no time!