Safe = Fear

Things are never gonna change if we stay stuck in what we believe to be safe.

Having the same routine day in and day out isn't safe, it's fear disguised as safe.

The ego doesn't want you to spread your wings and fly. The ego doesn't want you to know what's out there beyond the lines you dare not cross. Fear is how the ego keeps you separated, isolated and alone with him as your only companion. Sure you may be surrounded by people, but you know exactly what I'm saying.

Somehow we get so wrapped up in our same old, same old, that we forget what a vast and incredible world we are honoured to live in. WE get blind to the vastness of our beautiful planet, the endless possibilities, adventures, opportunities, connections and experiences. Your world could be truly magnificent every single day, if you would only take one timid teeny tiny step outside of what you know.

Imagine the words 'SAFE' as a huge door that is blocking you from miracles, dare to open that door and walk through. The familiar isn't keeping you safe, it's holding you hostage.

You don't have to bungee jump off a bridge, learn to tango or dye your hair blue (although all those things are very cool). Even the smallest and subtle changes can start transforming your life and create miracles. If you wear the same plain and simple clothes every day then go out and buy one item that is exuberant and colourful. If you get the same sandwich every day for lunch then go try sushi or falafel. If you only listen to pop music in your car then try a classical station for a change.

It's not how big you dare to jump, it's the courage of a tiny step past the fear and the familiar, to reach the miracles of the unknown.

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