Some things don’t go our way.

And that’s the way life goes.

But the trick is to not lament and wallow in self pity.

The trick is to trust the universe has a plan.

Because the universe ALWAYS has a plan.

Maybe you can’t see what that plan is right now.

But you’ve got to have faith and trust.

Without believing and trusting, you won’t let the magic happen.

So no matter how bleak it gets.

Please, please, please believe the universe still has some marvellous plan up its sleeve.

And this is just part of the journey.

Do not give up.

Do not give in.

See every difficulty and disappointment as a stepping stone.

A stepping stone getting you one step closer to where you really need to be.

Never be defeated by anyone or anything.

Keep trusting.

Keep believing.

And keep going.

I got knocked down this weekend.

And I have a choice.

To lay there on the floor, winded, bulldozed and gutted.

Or get back up, wipe the dirt and debris from my spirit, and keep on going.

So I woke up this morning with the disappointment cuddled up next to me.

And I could have snuggled up to it and wrapped the blanket of defeat around us both.

But I chose not to.

I got out of bed and smiled to myself, knowing and trusting that the universe has a very special and beautiful plan for me.

You see… It’s a choice.

No really, it’s a choice.

So choose wisely.

Choose to keep your faith and trust in the universe no matter what.

And watch the magic slowly unfold.

Photo by the amazing @fh_photos

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