Sometimes life is hard.

Sometimes there are days… weeks… that are unbearably hard and you don’t know how you’ll survive them.

But you must never ever give up.

No matter what, you must always remember great things are happening at exactly the same time that you are struggling.

Behind the scenes, behind the part you are currently playing in this big blockbuster movie called life.

Backstage there is so much work going on.

Preparation for what’s up ahead.

Preparation for a brand new scene.

New sets are being built and designed.

New costumes, new characters, new props and new lines.

So don’t give up now just because the part you are in right now is a difficult one.

Because the next scene in the movie of your life might be completely different.

The happily ever after could just be around the corner.

A new story line could begin at any moment.

There is nothing wrong or bad about the tough times we go through.

They are not an excuse to throw the towel in and just lose hope.

Think about when you go to the movies and watch an action packed film or an emotional drama.

You don’t walk out the auditorium because the protagonist is having a hard time!

You stay in your seat, you feel distressed but you watch on because you know inevitably the character will find their way through.

You watch that movie to the end knowing and trusting that everything will turn out okay.

So why is your life so different from that movie?

When you’re in the thick of it, when you’re knee deep in struggle and strife.

Remember this is just a difficult scene in the blockbuster Emmy nominated movie of your life.

But this is most definitely not when the credits roll.

So sit tight, survive it and feel the beautiful anticipation of what comes next.

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