Stand up for what you believe.

You may think that little old you makes no impact, but you do.

I’ve sat back for way too long and I don’t want to be that person anymore.

I may just be a tiny little speck in the world’s population, but all it takes is one teeny tiny little seed to create a huge giant oak tree. So maybe, just maybe, my protest, my standing up for what matters, could trigger miracles and change the world for the better.

Trump is coming to London on Friday and I will be at the protest to stand against everything he stands for. I’m not going to the protest in anger or hate, I am going in peace and love.

I don’t hate Trump (I don’t hate anyone) I see him as a soul who has completely lost his way and I pray for him. He is the instigator of hate and fear… I am not.

You cannot fight hate with hate, but you can conquer hate with love, and that is my purpose for being at the march on Friday.

So please find something you believe in, something that burns a fire in your belly, a passion in your soul and do something about it. Make a difference, no matter how small and be the change we all long to see.

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