Stop giving the crap stuff life force!

What you concentrate on gets bigger & stronger.

Where would you rather be?

'You must be willing to see all the good in life and to concentrate on it, ignoring the bad, the negative, the destructive and giving them no life force' - Eileen Caddy

I know what you're thinking... that's a lot easier said than done. But nothing will change if you don't at least try it.

You must understand that what YOU CHOOSE to focus on gets bigger and stronger.

So let's say you have that dreaded check up with your oncologist next week and it's all you can think about. The more you think about it the quicker the fear and anxiety will grow, and inevitably swallow you up in one big fat gulp!

So don't let it.

All I am asking is that you try something different.

When you feel that hollow feeling in your stomach, that panic in your chest, take a deep long breath and look around you. No, I mean really look around you... not a nonchalant glance around the room!

Open your eyes and see the wonder.

Perhaps there is a loved one nearby... a relative, a friend or a pet... look at them and appreciate how blessed you are to have such a being in your life. Look out the window and marvel at the sky, even if it is raining, marvel at it's power; how it quenches the planet's thirst and keeps us all alive. Have a sip of your coffee, tea, juice or whatever... but sip it with delicious attention, and focus on the sensations it gives you in your mouth and on your tongue...appreciate it's yumminess!

That's just three small things I've come up with but the list is endless...don't you see? And while you focus on THOSE things your fear and anxiety subsides, and your gratitude and peace grows. That's how it works. You have the choice, isn't that marvellous?!?

So stop making the wrong choice. Stop giving the negative life force.

Start realising fear, anxiety, any of that crap, does not deserve your life force but the beauty all around you does!

Imagine this...

You are standing on a small foot bridge in-between two worlds. On one side of the bridge it is dark, the trees are bare, there are no plants, no wildlife... there is n nothing, it is barren and lonely. On the other side is a garden like something out of a fairytale. The sun is smiling down on technicolor flowers and friendly magical wildlife like hummingbirds and here is warm and safe.

Now whichever one you choose your sight to dwell upon will become your reality, that will be your world for today. So choose wisely, because the choice IS yours. You choose what you focus on, no one controls that but you. Please understand this is the absolute truth, and I hope you choose to step off that bridge into the fairytale garden, and have yourself the most beautiful day.

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