Stop hiding, avoiding and letting the fear swallow you whole.

Fear will stop us dead in our tracks if we let it.

So don’t let it.

It may feel like fear covers the soles of your feet in super glue and stops you dead in your tracks.

It does that to me; I feel stuck in one spot and too terrified to move.

Terrified that whichever way I go, and whatever happens next, will be too scary for me to cope with.

And all I want to do is find a rabbit’s hole in the forest, and ask politely if I can join them down there.

So I can hide from the world.

But then I remember what fear really is.

It’s me listening to the wrong voice in my head.

And foolishly believing everything it’s telling me.

The negative, the doubt, the danger.

But there is another voice I can choose to hear.

The voice that tells me “Everything will be okay as long as you dare to believe so.”

The voice that says “You are not really stuck.”

“All you need to do to overcome fear is to take a step forward.”

“Even if you believe you can’t.”

“Take that step, no matter how big or small, as long as it is going forward.”

“Once you take that small step of faith the fear will dissipate.”

“But as long as you are too scared to move the fear will suffocate you.”

So today I am forcing myself to take a step forward.

The question is… will you come with me?

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