The agony of not knowing.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do.

And we’re scared to death we’ll make the wrong decision.

We overthink it.

We ask way too may people for their advice and opinion.

And end up confusing ourselves even more.

But sometimes to find the answer there must be no action at all.

No thinking about it and no talking about.

Because the Universe needs some time and space to work it’s magic and provide us with the answers we are looking for.

If the issue or conundrum is swirling and whirling in your mind like a kettle boiling you will never get the stillness and clarity you need to hear the answer.

So you need to switch the kettle of your mind off.

And just let things brew.

Think about something else.


And as much as it’s all you want to talk about…don’t.

Listen to other people and their stuff instead.

Make it about their needs, situations and dilemmas so you can leave yours alone.

Put enough space between you and your confusion so the universe can do its job.

It’s like when you are having a conversation and forget a word or a name.

It’s on the tip of your tongue.

But the more you try to remember that word or name the further from your mind (and tongue) it goes.

And later, when you’re not thinking about it, wham!

The word or name suddenly just pops into your head.

You see?

It’s simply about letting go and letting the Universe do its thing.

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