The deli of life...

“Absolutely everything is available to us – sorrow & joy, grievance & forgiveness, horror & transcendence – It’s all on the menu. It’s up to us where we put our attention.” (Josh Radnor)

Wow I love that quote, it simplifies everything we feel, say and do to it’s very core…


Somewhere along the way we were falsely convinced that we have no choice, that life is something that happens to us whether we like it or not.

But life is what we make of it, we get dealt cards but it’s up to us how we play them.

We can wallow in a sea of negative thinking and claim it’s not our fault – I lost all my money, I had a horrible upbringing, my partner had an affair, I got cancer.

So what??? Those things happened to you but they do not define who you are.

I’ve been through cancer, rape, divorce, losing all my money etc. But I CHOOSE not to let those things affect how I feel today.

Imagine this, life is a diner and the menu has absolutely everything on it… stuff you enjoy and stuff you don’t.

But you’re not forced to eat anything on the menu; you can choose exactly what you Fancy!

You can choose love instead of fear, acceptance instead of resentment, forgiveness instead of hatred.

It’s not hard, it’s just choice!

Your ego wants you to order what’s bad for you; your ego wants you to order what you hate, that makes you feel sick inside.

Your Higher Power wants you to order all the delicious stuff that makes your soul feel full and content.

So stop making the wrong choices.

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