The effects of our childhood.

There's only one thing that can mend the damage done.

If I had been instilled with the beliefs that dreams do come true, that I could achieve anything & everything, and that I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am…I would have got to where I am today a long, long time ago.

That’s not to say my mother didn’t do a great job, she did the best she could and I am eternally grateful to her.

My father was my biggest fan and supporter, but he died when I was ten years old and left a gaping hole that’s taken 30 years to fill.

I wasted a lot of time trying to fill that hole with silly things, like partying, buying ‘stuff’ I don’t need, romantic love and exercise. But it was like to trying to fill an empty space with smoke and expect it to fill permanently.

Suffice to say the hole kept coming back, just as big and hollow as it was before.

You can’t fill the hole inside you with outside things folks. It’s futile and you really are wasting your time.

There’s only one material you can use to permanently fill that gaping hole in your soul, and that is sweet & nurturing self-love.

It’s the best soul hole cement in the world. Hardwearing – it stays strong no matter the emotional climate, and can withstand any storm, heart hurricane or thought tsunami.

It takes time to find, but anyone can find it, just as long as you are willing to search.

And once you do find it you need to take your time, be gentle and patient whilst mixing it to the perfect consistency. Self-compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, tolerance, patience and kindness are all needed to make it impermeable and invincible.

I can show you how if you want, because I am an expert in self-love.

I know all the tricks of the trade, all the magic, the tools and the secrets. All you have to do is sign up to be a spiritual survivor.

You don’t have to have survived cancer to be a kindred spirit of mine.

The only criteria needed, to join me on this insanely magical journey, is a deep desire to be truly happy.

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