The greatest gift you can give yourself?

Stop being afraid of being you.

I mean being 100% you.

No…being 150% you.

All too often we hide parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of for fear of judgement and criticism.

Or we scroll through social media comparing ourselves to others and thinking if we could just be more like them.

But the biggest gift you can give yourself.

The fastest route to finding your happiness.

Is embracing exactly who you are and being courageous enough to show you to the whole damn world.

Stop believing you are not enough.

Because I promise you that you are more than enough.

Stop believing you are so far from perfect.

Because I promise you that you are perfect.

Stop thinking you have nothing to offer the world.

Because I promise everything you are is everything the world wants.

It’s like we have a dimmer switch attached to our inner light, and we turn ourselves down so we aren’t too bright for other people.

But the reason we are here is to shine as bright as we possibly can!

To dazzle the world in our light because that’s how we make the world brighter!

Don’t you see?

There’s more than enough darkness in the world, and your light is needed to stop that darkness.

By daring to be you, you inspire others to be courageous and to shine their light on full brightness too.

As soon as I stopped apologising for being me.

As soon as I stopped dimming down my light and just plucked up the courage to be me.

150% crazy, quirky, outspoken, love and peace, warts and all me.

My life turned technicolour.

Miracles started to happen.

And the more I am me the more the miracles and the the brighter the technicolour.

So just do you in all your beautiful glory, because that is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

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