The "I am not good enough" voice in our head.

We’ve all got them, even the most spiritual enlightened of us.

And those voices are at their very loudest when you are walking your perfect path, and very near to a destination that will confirm undoubtedly that you are in fact more than good enough!

The voice of your inner critic, your ego, is there for a reason… to keep you down, to keep you separate, to keep you away from a life of love.

Remember this, don’t ever forget it, so when that voice is beating you to a pulp you won’t fall for it!

You will not believe the nasty words if you know it’s true intent.

In fact, you’ll know that when the inner critic is on full volume that it’s terrified you’re about to find out how amazing you are!

So tell the voice to shut up, to piss off; that you know what’s going on and you ain’t falling for it anymore!

I’ve been falling for it all my life, which is why, so many times, I’ve nearly got there… nearly succeeded…nearly achieved…only to give up before the miracle happened.

Those voices always got the better of me, always, I always believed every word and let the inner critic win.

But I’m not willing to fail anymore, I’m over it; I am not quitting, I refuse to give up this time.

I have to fight those voices every day, drown them out with self-love, kindness and gratitude. It doesn’t drown them out completely but it definitely turns the volume down to almost a whisper…and that I can handle.

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