The power of a pet.

For us pet owners out there we know what the best medicine in the world is.

We know what makes us forget all the crap that life might be throwing in our face.

We know that the best kind of prozac is the one that has four legs and is furry.


Hanging out with my dogs is like sticking my finger in an electric socket generated by LOVE and getting a full on recharge.

They are the anti-depressants that need no prescription.

The medication that heals my mind. body and soul and has gigantic ears and squashed noses.

It’s been clinically proven that owning a pet can…

Decrease depression and anxiety.

Reduce chronic pain.

Make you feel as adored as George Clooney or Meghan Markle.

Cause you to laugh so much that you nearly pee your knickers.

And yes I know I get judged for loving my dogs way too much.

But cancer took away any chance I had of having kids.

So as far as I’m concerned it was immaculate conception and I am the proud mother of two crazy French Bulldogs.

You can adore your kids, and I’ll adore mine.

The point is it’s about connection.

Connecting to someone…furry or not.

Knowing you are most definitely not alone.

And that you are so unbelievable loved.

Because knowing your loved and that you’re not alone makes anything and everything possible.

So next time you’re feeling crap, roll around the floor with your dog, your cat or your kids.

Then go out there and conquer the world.


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