The secret tribe

The cancer journey can be an incredibly lonely one.

Even when you’re surrounded by family and friends.

You can still feel alone.

Of course your loved ones want to be there in any way they can.

But they can’t crawl into your skin and know how it feels.

They can never understand the fish mash of thoughts and emotions.

One moment feeling positive and strong.

The next just wanting to give up because it’s all too hard.

But there are those of us who have felt the exact same feelings.

And had the identical thoughts.

We are out there.

Unfortunately we are everywhere.

Because cancer has become as common as the bloody flu.

We are a secret tribe.

A tribe no one wants to be part of.

But nonetheless we are united and connected.

And we should not be afraid to reach out to each other and share our truth.

Getting honest and open about your struggles.

Gives someone else the courage to do the same.

So you can uplift and support each other.

That’s what the secret tribe is all about.

Sisters and brothers.

Who know the pain.

Know the fear.

Know the struggle.

Because we made the same journey.

So remember.

In the darkest moments.


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