This is a photo of every brilliant Hay House author there is.

And I photoshopped myself in the front.

I put this on my vision board and have stared at it day in a day out, willing and wishing my dream to come true.

And today…today my dream came true.

Today, after a life time of mess ups, disappointments and failures I got my big break.

Today Hay House UK phoned me to tell me I had won the writers workshop and that my book is going to be published by Hay House.

I am going to be a Hay House author.

Every single one of my favourite books was written by a Hay House author.

I have admired these brilliant people for so long.

And now I get the honour of joining their ranks.

I am so happy I could spontaneously combust from all the joy and gratitude inside of me.

Do you know how many times I wanted to give up?

Give up on my dreams and give up on myself?

I’m not ashamed to admit that up until now my life has pretty much been one big fat hot mess.

Bad decisions, mess ups, bad luck, struggles… anything and everything from failed businesses and marriages to going through cancer.

But I never gave up.

No matter how many times life knocked me down.

I got back up and I kept going.

And today I am living proof that despite whatever you have been through, that no matter how much bad luck you’ve had or how many times you have messed up your life.

You can still achieve your dreams.

So you must never, ever, give up.

Because if I can keep going and make my dreams come true.

Then so can you.

Never stop believing in yourself.

No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says…never stop believing in yourself and that dreams really do come true.

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