Tools to keep you on the straight & narrow.

Excuse me, but who wants to stay on the straight and narrow?!?!?

Give me the curly and wide option any day.

My life was delectably curly and deliciously wide,

with beautiful twists and turns to beautiful places and vast open spaces.

Then I got cancer.

And somehow, when the chemo and radiation forced the cancer to retreat, it took my curly and wide with it.

I feel like I’ve been living the straight and narrow ever since.

My life is a straight safe line and I fear to even stray close to the edge.

This is the girl who moved countries on a whim, and got a tattoo for every new love affair.

Now when I’m presented with a detour route of twisting and winding paths I wince and would rather stay at home.

What’s all that about???

When did I become a mouse hiding in her hole?

How did I let the cancer steal my fearlessness, and my crazy curly and wide life?

I should not allow cancer to make me a shadow of my former self.

I am a bigger and brighter new self.

A brilliant, bold and beautiful self that could surf that curvy and wide with her eyes closed and her hands tied behind her back.

The straight and narrow is not the path for me.

It’s time to stray off the edge and dance on the lawn where the sign says ‘Keep Off the Grass.”

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