Unity is not the same as Uniformity

And knowing this has completely set me free.

I was in such a dilemma.

How can I believe so strongly that we are all one.

When my fear of blending in and being life everyone else is so strong too?


Unity does not mean uniformity!

I can still stand out, do my own thing, visually express myself as the one of a kind I am.

And still be in complete unity with you, and her, and him, and them, and everyone else in between.

Why for so long did I think you could only have one or the other?


It’s that bloody ego again.

The ego loves getting us stuck in a good dilemma.

Stuck in the mud of not doing things right or not being good enough.


I can have my life purpose of spreading love and light.

To try and reconnect the world with each other.

And be 100% one of a kind at the same time.

I’ve been confusing my individuality with the ego’s separation.

And now I realise the two are completely different.

I can continue to not blend in and mesh completely with one and all.

That realisation has freed me from the gigantic rock that was weighing heavily on my shoulders.

I feel so light now I could float up into the clouds and hang out with God.

Another beautiful step up the ladder of my spiritual growth.

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