Wakey wakey rise and sparkle

What do you do in the morning to make sure the rest of your day is amazing?

How you begin your day is integral to how the journey of your day unfolds.

I’m not saying that by meditating every morning for ten minutes you guarantee that your day will only consist of hearts, flowers and unicorns.


You’ll still come across challenges and daily stress, but their size and power, and how they can affect you will be diminished drastically.

So let’s say you were going to end up having an argument with someone this afternoon. Which scenario would work more in your favour?

Rushing out of bed in a panic, and starting your day with an underlying feeling of anxiety for an extra ten minutes snoozing?


Waking up a little earlier to be gentle with yourself, giving yourself the time you need to actually wake up in a relaxed state?

Why not try opening your eyes and thanking the universe for a new day, a clean fresh page to draw your crazy life on in Technicolor.

Download a meditation app and just be still for ten little minutes first thing, or read three positive affirmations to yourself, or just put on your favourite song and dance on your bed!

All I’m saying is if you start your day with a big juicy dose of nurturing self-love, a dollop of gratitude and a sprinkle of happy; just imagine the possibilities that could lead from that.

That argument you’re gonna have in the afternoon? It won’t escalate unnecessarily; it’ll just be a teeny tiny disagreement that you can blow away like a feather in the palm of your hand.

Practising self-love before breakfast, doing something spiritual first thing is like coating yourself in a love force field that keeps you protected from all the negativity in the world.

It’s like tapping into the Jedi force so you can’t be pulled into the dark side.

So get your pretty ass out of bed and use the Jedi force of spirituality and self-love.

Help yourself, Ob1 Kenobi, You are your only hope!

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