Wanna give up?


Sometimes I want to give up.

Throw the towel in.

Bury myself in a hole.

But I don’t.

I keep on keeping on.


Because I know everything is going to be okay.

It may not be okay right now.

But actually that’s okay.

Because it’s all part of the journey.

All part of the process.

The squirmy, uncomfortable and painful bits need to be there.

They suck.

We all know that.

But they pass.


Letting the light back in and illuminating your life once more.

But the darkness is necessary.

Darkness is where the growth happens.

Like a baby in the embryo.

Or a seed buried deep in the earth.

Or a caterpillar in a chrysalis.

Think about that for a moment.

Sometimes you need to submerged in darkness.

To become a more beautiful version of you.

And bask in the sunshine.

If I can survive the darkness.

Then so can you.

Just keep on my friends.

Keep on keeping on.

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