We’re not always gonna get it right.

That’s just part of being human.

We’re not always gonna get it right.

That’s just part of being human.

So I may have found a profoundly awesome spiritual path.

But I f#ck up just like everybody else.

I make mistakes, say the wrong thing or make the wrong choices.

The difference between me now and the me I used to be is that I would beat myself up for it.

Berate myself, belittle myself and hate myself for screwing up.

But I refuse to do that now.

I love myself enough to give myself a break.

I love myself enough to forgive myself for the mistakes I make.

But what I don’t do now is make excuses for wrong behaviour.

Like ‘I can’t help it’ or ‘It’s not my fault’ or ‘It’s just the way I am.’

Because nowadays I know I can help it, that it is my fault and that I can do something to change it.

I’m never going to be perfect.

I’m going to be f#cking up from time to time.

But I know that in the very core of me is a beautiful, kind and innocent soul that just means well.

So every day I will keep on learning and keep the willingness to own my shit in order to grow and become the best version of me that I can be.

And just for today, that is enough.

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